CPL responds to family's complaint

A family of eight is displaced after CPL Retail Energy accidentally ordered for the power to be shut off at their Harlingen home and days later , AEP Texas would not restore it because the meter box was damaged.

Maria Alcala reached out to Action 4 News on Facebook after being told repairs to the box could cost thousands of dollars.

"It's hard you know, we don't have that kind of money."

Maria, her husband and six kids, the youngest only 5 months old are staying at different homes with relatives since there are too many of them to squeeze into someone else's house while their home sits in the dark.

After Action 4 News called CPL Retail Energy about the issue, the family will now have a place to stay together while CPL takes care of the problem.

A spokesperson sent an email stating, Although normally, as AEP stated, it is a customer's responsibility to repair the meter box, since the power is out at this residence due to an error on our part, we will ensure that the customer is reimbursed for the electrician's fees to get the box repaired. We will also reimburse the family to stay in a hotel until this issue is fixed.

Maria was on her way to work when we surprised her with the good news.

I am so glad Action 4 News took my story. I am happy that my whole family can stay together. That was my main concern.

She's all smiles now that CPL is going to help her family and says she can now concentrate on getting the kids ready for their first day of school on Monday.

There are still a few kinks in the matter since the Alcala's would have to pay the expenses first which could be a burden on them, and then get reimbursed by CPL.

Action 4 News is in close contact with both parties and will continue to be until the matter is fully resolved.