CPS now involved in drive-thru synthetic weed case

Raymondville Police Department: Alejandro Rodriguez and Ashley Moreno

New details on the parents that passed out at a McDonald TMs drive-thru with their toddler in the car while allegedly doing drugs.

Raymondville police said this is not the first time the father, Alejandro Rodriguez, has been arrested.

In March he was charged with possession of marijuana.

Rodriguez and 22-year-old Ashley Moreno were passed out at the fast food drive-thru in Raymondville on Sunday around 3 a.m.

Also passed out inside the car was their 1-year-old baby girl on the floor board.

Detective Andres Maldonado said the couple admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana when they were woken up.

They had very little sense of where they were at, or what was actually going on, according to police.

Maldonado said it didn TMt sink in to the couple until they were getting booked that they weren TMt taking their child home for the night.

"Child Protective Services is going to step in and make a safe plan for them until they can determine where the safest place for the child if they are it will probably be pretty strict supervision with CPS, Maldonado said.

There are a lot of programs that parents have to go through before getting a child back, according to Maldonado.

If Child Protective Services finds out that the household is not fit for the child, whether it TMs with the grandmother or anyone else, Maldonado said CPS will do their job and keep the child safe. Maldonado said if a grandparent has custody of the child, they should not allow them back in the hands of their parents.

To report child abuse contact local authorities.