Craigslist alarm installation scam targeting Valley businesses

Authorities are warning about a new scam going in the Mid-Valley where a man is using an on-line ad to drum up business.

Weslaco firefighters said a handyman is traveling the area installing fire alarm systems at discount prices but without a license.

Fire Chief Santiago Cuellar said a local daycare already fell victim.

The Weslaco business is now paying the price and having to hire actual professionals to double check the man's work.

Chief Cuellar said the suspect is forging alarm permit documents and using the license number of a legitimate contractor as his own.

Cuellar said the permits are easy to spot because they TMre printed on the wrong color of paper, have misspellings and other errors.

It TMs the first time an alarm system has been installed without a license, but Cuellar said it TMs how the man is attracting business that TMs raising eyebrows.

"He's advertising on Craigslist, Cuellar said. I don't know that he's on it anymore or if Craigslist has removed it from that area but we know that's how he's advertising.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call Weslaco police at (956) 968-8591.