Crash into San Benito railroad sign leads to arrest

57-year-old Ruben Carrizalez

A San Benito man was arrested Friday night after he drove into a railroad crossing sign and then attempted to flee from police.

The 57-year-old man had been driving while intoxicated when he struck the railroad crossing equipment with his green pick-up truck.

A San Benito police officer responded to the tracks by Oscar Williams Road, but when he turned on the emergency lights on the patrol vehicle, the driver of the green truck refused to pull over.

Ignoring the officer TMs flashing lights, the truck continued to drive until the officer was able to catch up to the truck at Tropics Mobile Park.

The officer then arrested Ruben Carrizalez and transported him to city jail.

Carrizalez was booked with evading arrest, driving while intoxicated and duty upon striking.

His bond was set at $21,000.