Crash victims buried in Mission

The community pays their respects to the family killed in a fatal crash

Four victims of a deadly car crash were laid to rest in Mission today.

Julexy Alvarez, Edward Gomez, Kamila Isabel and Erika Davila were buried at the San Jose Cemetery.

A long line of ambulances, fire engines and police cars made their way through the streets of Mission.

Nearly a hundred first responders representing 25 agencies paid their respects to the family.

No matter what happens, we stand together to mourn, to laugh, to play and these circumstances we are here to mourn, said Lt. Rene Alaniz, McAllen Fire Department.

First responders mourned one of their own, paramedic Edward Gomez.

"It's tough because you don TMt expect it to happen to one of your own," paramedic Alex Soria said.

Gomez spent the past few months working with his partner Ramon Ochoa responding to many car crashes similar to the one that took his life.

You see a bunch of accidents, disease and cardiac arrest, Ochoa said.

Ending up on the other side of a call was something Ochoa never expected to happen to a fellow paramedic.

It was hard to believe; I was in shock, Ochoa said.

The surviving driver of the deadly crash is now behind bars, charged with five counts of criminal negligent homicide.

A pending toxicology report will reveal whether or not Margaret Gil was drunk at the time of the accident.

Authorities say drivers should be alert while on the road, you could be saving someone TMs life.

The result could be something like what we went through right now. We buried an entire family today, Danny Ramirez, Emergency Medical Task Force, said.

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