'Crazy Ants' causing A/C headaches

Ants aren TMt deadly, but they can cause quite a headache if they get into an A/C unit or any other electrical outlet.

Michael McKissack with RGV Gulf Coast Mechanical said many Rio Grande Valley residents are learning about the nuisance the hard way this summer.

"It can damage what we call major loads like motors and compressors....that's when you start talking money," McKissack said.

The La Feria-based mechanic said they are seeing more cases of these ~crazy ants TM in the Valley.

"It's not even confined to the rural areas it's everywhere, said McKissack. They're out there."

While McKissick isn TMt an expert on ants, he does know the damage they can cause.

"They get into all of your contactors, all your contacts...they close and not electricity passes, he said. That creates burned up contacts and components. They get into your electrical panels and breakers."

Not only that, they can become a fire hazard.

"Normally, it's not enough to heat to make something go up in flames|but it's enough to burn a component up, McKissack said. It depends on a lot of variables of how dangerous it can be."

McKissack said regular air conditioning maintenance is the best way to insure that Valley do not get burned in the pocketbook later down the road.

Dry pesticides made for A/C units help to keep ants out but McKissick said the best thing a person could do to keep these ants away is to be informed.

That TMs going to prevent nuisance break downs|that is what you are trying to do, he said.