Crew of San Benito women shoplift from Harlingen K-Mart

Harlingen Police Department

Four women were jailed in Harlingen after allegedly stealing from K-Mart.

The Harlingen Police Department arrested Antonia Weaver, Becky Marie Nuncio, Samantha Carrillo and Celia Sandoval after they were notified about the incident by K-Mart TMs loss prevention.

The women allegedly worked together, concealed store merchandise inside a purse and left K-Mart without paying for them.

K-Mart TMs loss prevention notified police after they refused to cooperate.

The miscellaneous items valued at a total of $200.79 were returned back to the store.

Weaver TMs and Sandoval TMs bonds were set at $1,250 for theft.

Nuncio TMs bond was set at $2,500; Carillo TMs bond was set at $1,100.