Critically injured Airman from San Benito to return stateside

As Miriam Aguilar packed up to travel to a San Antonio hospital where her critically injured military husband will be flown to on Tuesday, one thought kept racing through her mind.

"I don't care how he is... I don't care... However he ends up... I don't care... I just want him alive... Cause for our daughter," she said.

Junior Aguilar sustained major head trauma last week after a 30 foot fall in what's being described as a non-combat related incident while stationed in Iraq.

The 20-year-old with the United States Air Force suffered brain hemorrhaging and skull fractures, according to his family.

His wife of just seven months has been relying heavily on the power of prayer.

"I know that they say he's stable, but anything can happen," she said. "And I'm just praying to god that he gets thru this. I know he's a strong man... And he's going to fight thru this and get better."

Hundreds of supporters have turned to the Airman's Facebook profile.

A new fan page was also set up in his honor.

Aguilar can't thank the community enough.

"Thank you for your prayers... Thank you for your concern... Just keep praying... Keep praying for him," she said.

At just two years old, their daughter Caitlyn is too young to understand what has happened to her father.

Aguilar is forced to leave her daughter with family in the Valley when she visits her husband, who's a 2009 San Benito High School graduate, for the first time since May.

Ryan: "Is it a relief just to know you'll be by his side?"

Miriam: "Yes. I'm nervous... I'm excited and I want to see him... I know it's not going to be a pretty picture when I see him but just knowing that I TMm with him... Me and his mom being with him... That brings a sense of relief to me."

Aguilar is listed in critical but stable condition.

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