Customs and Border Protection officer dies on the job

via MGN Online

A Customs and Border Protection officer died while on the job at a local port.

Authorities said Darrell Jean Windhaus was working for Customs and Border Protection when he collapsed at the Port of Brownsville.

The 71-year-old was boarding one of the vessels when he collapsed.

Emergency Medical Services were called to the scene immediately to assist.

Justice of the Peace Benny Ochoa was also called and he pronounced Windhaus dead at the port.

An autopsy has been ordered by the Justice of the Peace.

Custom and Border Protection officers often inspect vessels to ensure those on board have proper documentation.

The cause of death is currently unknown at this time.

Eduardo Perez with Customs and Border Protection said Windhaus was a dedicated officer who spent over 42 years serving the federal government through ths U.S. military, Immigration and Naturalization Services as well as serving as a Customs and Border Protection officer.

Perez said the 71-year-old is survived by his daughter, sister and brother.

CBP Statement

Death in the Line of Duty:

CBP Officer Darrell Jean Windhaus...

The CBP family has suffered a great loss with the death of Customs and Border Protection officer who died in the line of duty on the morning of December 29, 2013 at the Brownsville port of entry. CBP Officer Darrell Jean Windhaus was a dedicated CBP officer who spent 42 years and six months of his professional life serving in Federal Government in the U.S. military Immigration and Naturalization Service and culminating his federal service as an officer with Customs and Border Protection.

CBP officer Darrell Jean Windhaus, while on duty collapsed and was unresponsive during the ship boarding at the Brownsville Seaport, CBP Officer Windhaus died at the scene. CBPO Darrell Jean Windhaus was 71-years-old and is survived by his daughter a sister and a brother.