Customs officers create customer service office in Brownsville

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) port director Michael Freeman said nearly 10 million crossings into the United States through Brownsville.

Authorities at the Gateway International Bridge have created a passenger service manager position to service those with concerns, complaints or even compliments.

CPB officer Manny Maldonado has been running the department for a year now.

Maldonado said popular questions from those crossing include concerns about wait times at the bridge, visas, allowed products and he sometimes people also walk in to compliment the work these officers do.

Port Director Freeman said their main goal is to keep those crossing illegally and violating other laws out of the country.

But Freeman added that this Maldonado TMs department assures that everyone is being treated fairly and with respect.

"We want to make sure for those millions of people crossing each year, we want to make sure you have someone here to listen to your concerns, Freeman said.

U.S. American Consul Michael Barkin was also present at today's event.

Barkin said it's important to keep good working with relations with the majority of the public coming into the United States to promote tourism and economic growth.

Officer Maldonado told Action 4 News that they do have a sheet that people can fill out for their concerns or complaints.

But he says many times people simply go in to quote vent their frustrations and concerns.