Dad under partial house arrest asks to see daughter's soccer game

A San Benito dad under partial house arrest for his role in the Abel Limas corruption scandal wants permission to see his daughter's soccer game this weekend.

Former Cameron County District Attorney's Office investigator Jaime Munivez is out on bond but has been under partial house arrest since being charged for his role in the scandal back on July 2011.

Munivez pleaded guilty to extortion, wire fraud and drug charges back in December.

He's expected to be sentenced in March but court records show Munivez wants to remain active in his children's lives.

In a motion filed on Tuesday, Munivez asked U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen for permission to attend his daughter's soccer tournament in McAllen on Saturday.

Judge Hanen has not made a decision but court records show that he's granted similar requests for Munivez in the past as well as travel for other defendants in the Abel Limas scandal.

Hanen gave former State Representative Jim Solis permission to travel to Mexico with his family over the Christmas holidays.

The judge also granted permission for accused attorney Joe Valle permission to travel to Arizona and Minnesota.

Munivez's defense attorney Ed Cyganiewicz told Action 4 News that his client is not a flight risk and that he expects for Hanen to approve the request.

Cyganiewicz said his client has to be home each day before 3 p.m. and remains in constant contact with his pre-trial release officer.

Munivez originally had to wear an ankle bracelet but Cyganiewicz said Judge Hanen gave an order saying it was no longer necessary after the San Benito man pleaded guilty.

The sentencings for Limas and other defendants in the case have been pushed back several times due to an ongoing FBI investigation.

Suspect Role Charged Guilty Plea Sentencing Abel Limas Judge March 29th March 31st June 8th Jose Manuel Longoria Middleman March 30th November 21st April 11th Jose Santiago Solis Attorney April 29th April 29th June 8th Ray Roman Marchan Attorney June 21st N/A N/A Francisco Cisneros Bondsman June 21st August 8th February 14th Armando Pea Probationer June 21st July 19th March 6th Karina Pea Wife June 21st July 26th April 17th Jaime Munivez DA Investigator July 19th December 13th March 19th Joe Valle Attorney August 10th August 10th February 14th Marc Rosenthal Attorney August 16th N/A N/A