Dairy Queen employees charged with selling drugs at work

Soft serve ice scream was not the only thing on the menu at Dairy Queen in Raymondville after police caught three men red handed during a drug transaction behind the restaurant.

Police said Juan Gonzalez Veliz, 31, and Gilbert Villegas, 23, sold drugs from the fast food joint on the 500 block of Hidalgo Avenue.

"A total of narcotics found inside of it were one pound of marijuana, Xanax pills and 26 grams of cocaine," Detective Andres Maldonado said.

He explained that an officer stumbled upon Gonzalez selling 31 year old David Escamilla on Monday night outside the restaurant.

But of special concern to officers, it TMs known for a lot of kids going there."

Officers found the drugs hidden in the storage room inside the building.

Among the drugs, officers found 15 Xanex pills.

Det. Maldonado said that drug has been growing in popularity among Raymondville teens.

"Xanax has been one of our main ones especially with the younger crowd, they've been using it a lot in the city," he said.

To counter the use of this drug, police said they are reaching out the school district to speak to the teens about its dangers and consequences.

But police are also asking the teens to keep their eyes and ears open.

"If anybody has any information like this we just like always encourage them to call our crime stoppers to make us aware of this so we can look into something instead of stumbling upon it," Det. Maldonado added.

The crime stoppers line in Willacy County is (956) 642-4763.

Police charged Juan Gonzalez Veliz with possession of a controlled substance in a drug free zone, possession of marijuana in a drug free zone and possession of a dangerous drug.

The municipal judge issued him a total bond of $120,000.

David Escamilla faces charges for possession of a controlled substance in a drug free zone and resisting arrest, and was issued a total bond of $50,000.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Villegas faces charges for tampering with physical evidence and was issued a $45,000 bond.

All three remain behind bars at the Willacy County jail.