DA's office in Willacy County raids 8-liners after suprise inspection

El Torro gameroom in Lyford

Two 8-liners were raided by the District Attorney TMs (DA) Office in Willacy County yesterday.

El Toro and Horseshoe in Lyford were raided and machines were confiscated.

Nearly two weeks ago, the Willacy County Sherriff TMs Department along with the DA TMs office inspected the businesses and found outdated inspection stickers.

Recently, the two departments were working to shut down the gambling arcades.

The District Attorney TMs office along with DPS worked to shut the 8-liners down, according to authorities.

Our goal was to shut them down, the Willacy County Sherriff TMs department said.

Willacy County Sheriff's department was not involved in the raid, but was working to shut the 8-liners down.

The gambling machines were removed from the arcades.