Dash cam video of Brownsville Mayor released

Early Tuesday morning Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada was pulled over for drinking and driving.

A Brownsville police report reveals, the city official was speeding on East Alton Gloor Blvd., when his car went over the curb while turning onto Paredes Line Road.

Officers told Action 4 the mayor smelled like alcohol and had several buttons on his shirt undone.

On Wednesday, the Brownsville Police Department released the dash cam video of Ahumada TMs arrest.

In it, it showed Ahumada being asked several questions, including if he had been drinking.

Ahumada told the officers he had only had two beers.

The dash cam showed Ahumada following orders but objecting to getting a field sobriety test.

Instead the city leader asked for his attorney.

Officers arrested Ahumada after he refused to take the test and was taken to the city jail.

The Brownsville City Mayor has been under scrutiny following his march trial where he was accused of depositing a $26,000 city check into his personal account.

Although he was acquitted its left many Brownsville residents with a lack of confidence.

The trust we have in them is kind of falling apart, said Claudia Hernandez a Brownsville native. With this latest scandal following two prior DWI arrests people like Hernandez told Action 4 they don TMt consider Ahumada a role model.

If he wants to be the mayor he should set the example and not having to do with all that police stuff and everything, said Hernandez That TMs really a bad example." And she's not alone, Leonardo Mendez told us that if Ahumada TMs job is to serve the citizens, he shouldn TMt be drinking and driving.

Mendez considers his actions as abuse of power.