Daughter of attorney who committed suicide takes her own life

Devon Marchan

The daughter of disgraced Brownsville attorney Ray Marchan, who committed suicide himself, has been found dead.

Authorities believe Marchan's daughter took her own life several months after her father did the same thing.

One judge says her death brings the fall of several of Cameron County's judges and lawyers back into the spotlight.

Judge Linda Salazar got the call around 6 o'clock Tuesday night.

Devon Marchan was found by her boyfriend, hanging inside a Rancho Viejo apartment.

"Well it TMs kind of shocking and kind of sad because I said to myself, I have kids also and I guess this young lady couldn't stand losing her dad," said Judge Salazar.

"I guess we thought in Brownsville we thought that it was going to be over already and I guess it hasn't," said Salazar.

Marchan jumped to his death from the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway back in February, the same day he was supposed to begin a prison sentence for racketeering.

He was tied to the corrupt courtroom of Judge Abel Limas.

"It does goes back to the corruption of judges that are committing all this," said Salazar.

The second death, indirectly caused by lawyers and judges paying cash to get their way in court.

This time, striking the same family and pouring salt in the wounds of the Cameron County judicial system.

"It makes us good judges, you know it affects us too, in the long run because of one bad apple everyone starts getting accused of things," said Salazar.

The 22-year-old is an innocent victim, who Salazar says couldn't live without her dad.

The judge tells Action 4 News Marchan was found by her boyfriend and that she hung herself.

According to Rancho Viejo Police, she was lying on a bed unresponsive when officers arrived.

Police did C.P.R. but it was too late.

Salazar pronounced her dead Tuesday night at Valley Regional.

Autopsy results are pending but mental health experts believe the risk of suicide is greater after a painful event. There are signs of suicide and ways to prevent it:- An obvious red flag is someone talking about wanting to die or kill them self.- An increase in alcohol or drugs use and feeling withdrawn or isolating themselves from others. If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-TALK (8255) or call 911.