Daughter of Cameron Co. sex offender agrees with Halloween restrictions

Before trick-or-treaters hit the streets this Halloween, Sergeant Daniel Gomez, a veteran patrolman with the Cameron County Sheriff's Department, goes door-to-door to make sure registered sex offenders don't spoil any of the fun.

"That they are currently residing in this place under the sex offender registry," he said.

John Bunjes is listed as living on the outskirts of San Benito as a registered sex offender.

The sergeant learned his file doesn't appear to be accurate after checking in with relatives at the home where he's registered.

"So he has a Harlingen address now," he asked?

"Yea," Sara said Bunjes said. "He's in Harlingen... Whether or not he registered in San Antonio or in Harlingen... I can't really say."

Some 500 registered sex offenders who are still on probation or parole across Cameron County face Halloween restrictions.

Sergeant Gomez says they're forced to report to one of several undisclosed locations for a few hours and cannot decorate their home for the holiday or hand out candy to entice children.

John's daughter Sara Bunjes agrees with the safeguards.

"You don't know whether that person is emotionally stable or whether they have things going on in their life... like Violence," she explained.

As a mother of 3 children, the youngest age 12, she appreciates the extra measures taken by law enforcement.

And although she believes her father is no longer a danger to society, since his sentence in 1998 for indecency with a child, Sara admits children need to be protected from sex offenders.

"You never know."

Sergeant Gomez will be checking with other agencies to ensure John's address is properly registered in the system.