Daughter's final words to mom may have been ~die miserable dog TM

A family member is accused of harming her elderly mother before she died this week.

"I was there a couple of times at the hospital, and I held her hand| she didn TMt want me to let go of her hand," Julia Munoz TMs great nephew Josue Rodriguez said.

At 99 years of age, Julia Munoz died Friday night.

Loved ones are saying, before she passed away, she pointed her finger at the relative who wanted to kill her.

Her daughter grabbed her by the hair and threw her," family member Maria Celia Rodriguez said.

The family believes some of Munoz TMs last words are enough proof for Donna Police to take action.

Munoz described the disturbing actions leading to her death.

She said she grabbed her and beat her. When she was thrown on the floor she started beating her....and I can TMt understand why no one has done anything," Rodriguez said.

Munoz was once a happy woman, until being sadden one of her own harmed her, according to close family members.

She was left pleading on the ground for two hour before another family member came to her aid.

After the elderly woman gained consciousness, the abuser said die miserable dog, according to Rodriguez.

The family said they cannot come to terms with how someone can hurt such a loving person.

Family and friends are staying strong, and they are hoping justice will be served.

Two broken ribs here and here...blood was dripping from here...her little face was purple her 60-year-old daughter did this to her mother...she shouldn't have God TMs forgiveness," Rodriguez said after pointing out where Munoz was injured.

The family said officials at Knapp Hospital told them that the injuries on the elderly woman TMs body were intentional.

An investigation has been launched by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability and Donna Police.

The daughter in question has not been charged at this time.

Action 4 News spoke with Donna Police Chief Ram de Leon and he immediately alerted the investigator of Munoz TMs passing.

Police are awaiting the official medical report and findings from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

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