Day 4 of Valley veterans' march to San Antonio

Tuesday marked day four of the Rio Grand Valley veterans march to San Antonio.

The march is designed to highlight the need for a Veterans Affairs hospital in Deep South Texas.

The nearest one is in San Antonio is about 280 miles from the Valley.

Local veterans marched from Falfurrias to Alice Monday.

Motorists traveling past them on U.S.Highway 281 were stopping to offer money, water and supplies.

Organizer Rey Leal said the group didn't let the heat get in the way of the purpose for the walk.

"This weather is fine. It is all good. It did not stop us on the first day when it was cold, and it will not stop us now with the sun coming up," said Leal. "The bottom line is we are walking, and there is nothing anybody can do about it."

Recently, the V.A. entered into contracts with four private hospitals in the Valley to provide inpatient and emergency care.

This story comes from our media partner, the Rio Grande Guardian.

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