Day one of Villalobos trial just the beginning

Court document

Federal prosecutors call him a greedy man but defense attorneys argue he's a caring public servant eager to get back to serving his community.

Former Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos is indicted on nine counts of raketeering, conspiracy and aiding and abetting.

A jury of seven men and seven women will decide his fate.

Both lead prosecutor Michael Wynne and defense attorney Joel Aandrophy on day one referred back to the 2007 murder case of Amit Livingston.

He pleaded guilty to killing Hermila Hernandez.

Prosecutors said Villalobos received about $80,000 dollars from a deal in that case after Livingston was allowed 60 days to settle his affairs before going to jail.

He is still on the run to this day.

Limas testified that Villalobos made several payments to him from the money on that deal to keep him quiet.

Defense Attorney Joel Androphy discredited Lima's testimony by arguing Villalobos wasn't even in the courtroom when that deal was made.

Androphy argues Limas is giving testimony that will benefit him during his sentencing on Aug. 21.

Limas said he is just telling the truth, but he is "praying" he will only get probation for his testimony is various cases in the cash for favors elaborate scheme

During Lima's testimony throughout the day, Villalobos sat back in his chair looking calm, occassionally fidgeting with a pen and shaking his leg.

This case is expected to last about two weeks.