Daycare caught using 6-year-old to feed infant

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A kids daycare center in Brownsville is busted with more than just demerits in the kitchen. Learning Village on 334 Morningside scored 30 demerits for violations like expired baby oatmeal by more than a month, missing soap and towels for proper sanitation. An inspector also discovered a number of questionable practices. There were exposed cords and dirty highchairs as documented with photos. A kitchen cop also found kids unattended, some running in and out of the kitchen and a six-year-old boy was bottle feeding an infant. The inspector noted on the report how that was not allowed. The Food Patrol was not allowed inside the daycare facility. Management would only crack open a window to answer questions about the violations on the health report. Why was there a 6-year-old feeding an infant? Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf asked.

He's his brother, a worker who refused to be identified responded.

But why is he feeding the infant? Ryan asked. Isn't that your job?

It's my job, she responded.

What did the health department tell you? Ryan asked. You're not allowed to do that right?

No, she said.

How long has that been going on for? Ryan asked.

I don't know, she answered. I don't remember."

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