Daycare worker caught not washing hands after changing dirty diaper

Bright Minds Daycare on 2710 West Alton Gloor in Brownsville scored 24 demerits on a health inspection report.

An inspector exposed improper hygiene practices with a female worker who failed to wash her hands after changing an infant TMs diaper, according to the report.

Notes on the health report also indicated that the inspector had to ask her to wash her hands after she witnessed the health code infraction.

The center TMs director, Olga Rey, admitted to the Food Patrol that the violation could make people sick.

She TMs adamant that caregivers do know the importance of proper sanitation and that no other child was touched before the employee in question washed her hands.

Rey said the worker is new to the center and has been reprimanded.

She also has since been retrained, according to Rey.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleLittle Mermaid 4885 Paredes Line Rd (24) *No Handwashing After Diaper Change*Bright Minds Daycare 2710 W Alton Gloor (24, 0) *Expired Certifications, Dirty Playground Equip.*

San BenitoTejano Mart 695 S Sam Houston (45, 6) *Mold, Off Temp Food*

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MissionBuck TMs Pizza 4001 S Shary Rd

DonnaTortilleria El Gran de Oro 9202 N Val Verde

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