Dead Fish Wash Ashore From Winter Blast

It's not just people dying in the winter blast, fish are dead too.

The bay, turned into a watery grave, for a variety of species of fish.

It's a fear come true in spots like Boca Chica Beach and by the Swing Bridge at Port Isabel.

"I've been here for 15 years...and this is the worst I've seen it yet," Sgt. James Dunk with Texas Parks and Wildlife said.

Just before the Valley's first of two nights of hard freeze, Sgt. Dunks predicted fish would be left paralyzed by the plunging temperatures.

"Dead trout... rough fish... Grouper, he said.

The total impact on fish by the winter blast remains a mystery.

Wildlife experts believe the prolonged frigid temps could be detrimental to the resource.

As one person put it: It was simply too cold... For too long.

Friday night lows in the 20's once again, only adds insult to injury.

Law enforcement has been policing the waters since Wednesday afternoon to ensure anglers don't fish in areas designated off-limits.

It's a last ditch effort to protect, what nobody can predict, will be left when the warm-up begins this weekend.