Deadly home invasion in Mission

Bars on the windows and doors could not keep four men from murdering Reyes Garcia early Thursday morning.

"He was sitting in the back with a friend when they jumped over the fence and ambushed him," said Sgt. Jody Tittle with Mission police.

Mission police said the men shot at Garcia and ordered him to go in the home. They said, once inside, they shot Garcia again.

Reyes TM four children, wife, and family friend were inside at the time of the murder.They were not harmed."We're following all leads and trying to bring this homicide to a closure," said Tittle. The men did not get away without being noticed. A surveillance camera, just outside the home, caught the men as they drove up, exited the FordExpedition, in hand pistols, a rifle, and chair."They had wrought iron gates that kept you from going to the backyard, said Tittle. They brought a chair with them...apparently they knew it would be locked."Despite the multiple shots those living near the Garcia home said they did not hear anything."I didn't hear or see anything," said Miguel Vasquez. But knowing something that horrendous happened next door, they hope that whoever did this is caught soon. "It's dangerous. It's dangerous, said Vasquez. All the neighbors around here, we are scared about that."If you have any information on this crime you can call Mission Crime Stoppers at (956) 581-8477.