Death threats and money alleged reason for heroin smuggling

Two men were caught on Wednesday with heroin hidden inside sets of speakers.

However, the men claim that they were set up by someone who offered one of them $500 and threatened to kill the other man TMs parents.

On Wednesday afternoon, Melvin Javier Rodriguez and Herbert Ivan Castillo were traveling in a Tornado Bus that departed from Harlingen and was heading towards Houston.

The bus made a routine stop at the Sarita U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint.

Agents came onto the bus, asking Castillo and Rodriguez asking for their basic information.

Both men, who were not sitting near one another, said they were Guatemalan citizens traveling to Houston to purchase cars to export.

A Border Patrol canine unit began searching the luggage compartment of the bus, when a dog alerted agents to two suspicious bags.

Inside each bag, belonging to Castillo and Rodriguez, agents found two speakers wrapped in towels.

All four speakers were taken to a mobile x-ray system where anomalies of magnets were found in the speakers.

After an agent drilled a hole in one of the speakers, he found a brown powdery substance that was tested positively as heroin.

In total, four bundles weighing 13.2 pounds were found inside the speakers.

Both men were taken into custody.

When asked about the two men TMs relationship with one another, Castillo said he and Rodriguez had just arrived in Harlingen from a trip of purchasing other vehicles.

Castillo told agents that he and Rodriguez had stayed at the Motel 6 in Harlingen from Monday to Wednesday.

He said that while they were at the Office of Vehicle Exports in San Benito, a man approached them asking if they would like to make some extra money.

Castillo described the man as being a Hispanic in his forties with a moustache.

This man asked Castillo if he could take the speakers up to Baton Rouge, LA, as a favor. Castillo told the man that he would not do it unless he was being paid, so the man agreed to give him $500 in exchange for delivering the speakers.

Rodriguez told agents that when the man approached him off to the side, he told Rodriguez he knew who he was and he knew where his parents lived in Guatemala. The man told Rodriguez that if he did not deliver the speakers, Rodriguez TM parents would be killed.

The men were told to expect someone to arrive at their hotel on Tuesday with the speakers and information on how to deliver them. They were also told to board the 1:00 p.m. Tornado Bus on Wednesday.

The men said once they were to arrive in Baton Rouge, LA., they needed to have the speakers in a suitcase ready to be carried away. They were told that if they followed those orders, no one would get hurt.