Debate over controversial abortion bill heats up Valley

Stand With Texas Women rally in McAllen

Protestors from both sides of the abortion debate are swarming the Texas State Capitol.

But protestors are also carrying signs and letting their voices be heard right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

All of it happened at e are here at the Planned Parenthood office off East Hackberry Avenue in McAllen.

Organizers expect between 200 and 300 people to show up at the McAllen event.

The Friday evening protest is the last stop for the Stand With Texas Women bus tour.

Organizers wanted to make their last stand against this bill in the Valley because the bill will essentially shut down the only two abortion clinics here.

If the controversial bill is approved, Valley women will have to travel more than 200 miles to San Antonio to get an abortion.

Some fear many women will turn to underground abortions or the black market or Mexico to get unsafe abortion medications.

Opponents of the bill said that local abortion clinics also provide other services like pap smears and STD testing.

Protestors at the rally told Action 4 News that the bill essentially hurts women TMs healthcare.

"For the past two years the Texas Legislature has done an attack on women TMs rights and healthcare, said Patricio Gonzalez with Planned Parenthood. And we think this is a time where we want to show that enough is enough."

The bill has already passed the Texas House of Representatives and is now expected to pass to Texas Senate.