Demand for truck drivers TM spike in the field

There's a shortage of truck drivers in Texas, but not everyone is keen on steering into the field.

Many companies hire truck drivers to take loads across country and are requiring drivers with more training, but funding for that training is limited.

The stress and hardship of being away from family is causing many to walk away from truck driving creating a shortage across the state.

"A lot of them try it, but they want to look for something that is local because it is a hard life," said STC's truck driving teacher Juan Hernandez.

The other reason is lack of funding for their training.

"Because of the economy the way it is it's a little hard for a lot of people to come up with the 4,460 dollars," said Cynthia Costa, an STC admissions representative.

That's how much it costs for this truck driving program at South Texas College.

The program's teacher said truck drivers can start out making 26 cents a mile then up to 42 cents a mile.

For more information on the program and the scholarships they offer, head here.