Democratic State Rep. District 39 candidates face off at polls

Armando Martinez

State Representative Armando Martinez said his seven years of experience sets him apart from his opponent.

He also said that if he is re-elected, he plans to focus on re-directing funds back towards education and healthcare that have been cut in recent years.

"These are issues that we need to focus on, said Martinez. These are issues that directly impact the valley, and it's something that we can continue to be a voice for.

Candidate Joseph Campos, however, is promising new ideas and policies, and said he will be the one to put them into action.

"It's one thing to get all the policies and proclamations, said Campos. But it's about going further than that and actually making it happen. It's about being hands-on, bringing in leadership."

One thing both candidates agree on is that the people of the valley have a voice, one that can only be heard if they cast their ballot.

We want to make sure that more people come out and vote, said Martinez. We encourage the vote so that their voice can be heard.