Deputies raid "clandestine" dentist office in Mission

Unhygenic conditions found inside unlicensed dental clinic

Authorities raided an herb shop posing being used as a front for an unlicensed dentist clinic right off a busy highway in Mission.

It all happened at the Yerberia San Miguel on the 2600 block of West Expressway 83.

Details were not immediately available but Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office deputies lead the raid.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino told Action 4 News that deputies are executed a search warrant and arrest warrant at the "clandestine" dental office.

Sheriff Trevio reported that deputies found unhygienic conditions inside the unlicensed dental clinic.

The sheriff said it all started with an undercover investigation after receiving a tip the yerberia was a front for an unlicensed dental clinic.

Sheriff Trevio said the clinic was so busy it took an undercover deputy more than a week to get a scheduled appointment.

According to investigators, a dentist from Mexico set up the unlicensed clinic because people from the Rio Grande Valley are afraid of ongoing drug cartel violence south of the border.

The raid follows raids by the Texas Attorney General's Office at two other unlicensed dentist offices in Mission back in June.