Deputy shot a learning lesson for law enforcement

They are a band of brothers"so when one gets hurt they all feel it.

"When we have incidents, like the ones that are happening lately, it makes us more alert and brings us together," Mission Assistant Chief Martin Garza said.

As Hidalgo County Sheriff Deputy Hugo Rodriguez recovers from gunshot wounds inflicted by an alleged cartel member Sunday night, his fellow law enforcement brothers have taken the unfortunate incident as a learning lesson.

"It's a shame that a brother officer had to be injured in order to refresh our memory, Starr County Deputy Erasmo Rios said. It's a reminder of what can happen at any moment in time."

Deputy Rios said the recent shooting has made deputies in Starr County even more aware of the danger that lurks around every corner.

"The officers are more aware of the dangers now....we can't be ignorant to them, Rios said. We know that they're here and very alive and well."

As for Garza, he said the incident has opened their eyes"but adds that any call these officers respond to could lead them into a dangerous situation.

"We're making sure our officers our briefed, wearing their bullet proof vest, and are provided with the proper equipment, Garza explained. We want to make sure they can protect themselves and the people they serve."

While protecting and serving sometimes comes at a high price"officers told Action 4 News they will do whatever it takes to keep the community safe.