Despite corruption investigation county employee remains employed

Cameron County

Raul Salazar is back at work performing his administrative duties for Cameron County Precinct 2 Commissioner Ernie Hernandez.

Officials said he will be on the job until proven guilty.

An indictment is not something that signifies guilt and "really nothing happens now," according to Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos. Salazar is facing two counts of tampering with governmental records and one count of abuse of official capacity.

"When our former DA got indicted, he was still in office. He stayed in office; he ran a political campaign while under indictment. There was nothing that we could do or anyone could do, to force him out," Cascos said

He said it is basically the same situation and adds everyone should get treated the same.

If Salazar is found guilty, his employment issue will be dealt with at the appropriate time, Commissioner Hernandez said "Right now there is no county policy in place that says if someone gets indicted they have to resign, or take a leave of absence with or without pay," Judge Cascos said.

Commissioner Hernandez said Salazar has not been proven guilty and said instead of Salazar getting paid from home, he could be at work.

Records show that Salazar was arrested for theft, bribery, abuse of official capacity and tampering with a government record back in 2002.

Judge Cascos said voters and taxpayers should not rush to judgment.

He said the public should let Salazar defend himself in court.