Despite freezing conditions, Los Fresnos Rodeo goes on

Despite the cold temperatures affecting the Rio Grande Valley, Los Fresnos Rodeo Committee Chairman Mark Milum said, the "Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association - they don't cancel or change the times for weather."

Therefore, the cowboys are riding out the weather for the 22nd Annual Los Fresnos Rodeo and so are the dozens of high school students involved in Future Farmers of America.

Milum said with approximately 300 professional riders coming to town and students counting on scholarship prize money - approximately half a million over the 22 years has been awarded - the stakes are too high to shut down the event.

"We cannot cancel it, Milum said, We're committed with PRCA and once we sign-on we cancel for nothing - we have to go on and we'll be here rain or shine."

As for the animals involved in the student competition and the rodeo, Milum said they have a higher tolerance for the weather and will have a veterinarian on standby throughout the weekend and They'll be taken good care of.

The students are also taking extra care of their animals.

"I put a lot of shavings down and I double blanketed them so they can be warm, competitor Hanna Cisneros said. I put a heavy blanket on and then a light blanket on.

For Aaron Alfaro keeping his hog and goat warm is just half the battle.

Keeping head strong and focusing on the livestock competition through the rigid weather is the real test this time around, he said.

With his players in place, Milum said all that's needed to make a good show, is a good audience.

Come out to the rodeo, bundle up, it'll be a different kind of experience and a fun experience," Milum said.

Rodeo tickets will be $13 in advance and $16 at the door.

Entrance to the rodeo grounds is free.

For more information on the Los Fresnos Rodeo and tickets contact 956-266-4566.