Despite trouble on SPI, Spring Breakers say they will return

File Photo: Spring Breakers

Despite the multiple arrests made throughout the holiday week, Spring Breakers say they will keep returning to the island.

A group of beachgoers from Kansas City told Action 4 News that they felt safe on at South Padre Island.

Spring Breaker Danny Stain said it was the group's first time on this beach and they said they plan to come back every year.

"The island has a beautiful view," Stain said. "There are excellent people down here."

Public Intoxication, Assault and Drug Possession are just some charges Spring Breakers faced this week.

South Padre Island Police and Texas Department of Public Safety officials took extra safety precautions throughout the week by patrolling the beach.

Five people were arrested on Saturday afternoon for causing a brawl near Coca Cola beach. The fight caused the beach to temporarily be shut down, but was re-opened later on.

There is still no word on what caused the fight, but authorities are investigating.