Did a car dealer scam a family out of thousands of dollars?

A struggle does not even begin to describe what Cynthia Longoria has gone through. After 7 years she and her husband were both laid off from their jobs.They used some of the money from Cynthia TMs severance package to purchase a car---so she could being to search for a new job.

"I have to do resumes, job hunt, pick up my children from's a busy life," Longoria said.

She thought a 2000 Ford Focus would be the answer to her prayers. It ran great, had room for her children, helped her get to job interviews, and only cost her $2,500.

But there was one problem with the care---Longoria still does not have a title.

"I don't know what the problem is with the title...he just keeps telling me that he doesn't have time,

Longoria said. I don TMt understand how someone, who works at a dealership and goes to the bank all the time, hasn't been able to get mine and sign it over to me."

Longoria has her suspicions as to why the man who sold her the car does not want to turn over the title. "I don't know if somebody might be looking for it."

Whatever the reason"Longoria said in three days the registration on the car will expire and she will be stranded without a way to get around"no way to look for job so she can help keep her family afloat.

"The way the economy is right now you can't really survive on one income, Longoria explained. I have to be able to move around and go to interview, employment commission, and job fairs."

Since this story aired Action 4 News has learned that Longoria did get the title to her car, but this story is far from over.

An investigation has now been launched.

Police are not saying why just yet.

We TMll keep you posted.