Did kidnapped girl have drug lord's baby in the Valley?

Men claiming to be with the Zetas kidnapped 16-year-old Silvia Stephanie Sánchez Viesca Ortiz

Silvia Ortiz can't explain the pain she feels or what her family has lived through over the past eight years.

Her teenage daughter Stephanie, or Fanny as their family called her, was kidnapped from the streets of Torreon Coahuila back in 2004.

Kidnappers claiming to be with the Zetas drug cartel demanded a ransom but then the calls stopped.

Fanny was 16 years old at the time she was kidnapped but eight years have passed.

But a twist to case following the death of Zetas supreme leader Heriberto Lazcano-Lazcano this weekend.

Blogs and Mexican media outlets all reported that authorities found a photo in Lazcano-Lazcano TMs possession that could be Fanny.

The slain drug lord is seen in the photo with a young woman that many on-line are saying is Ortiz's missing daughter.

Ortiz is skeptical that the girl in the photo is her daughter based on physical traits.

I can TMt say that TMs my daughter, Ortiz said in an interview in Spanish via Skype. Even less because that photo is just too blurry.

Ortiz said the family TMs search once brought them to Pharr here in the Rio Grande Valley back in 2007.

A prosecutor told the family that Fanny was living in the Valley and had even given birth to Lazcano-Lazcanos's baby on the American side of the border.

The family worked with the U.S. Marshals and identified five possible matches based on records of newborn babies.

Two were eliminated as possibilities but three of the females could never be verified.

Of those three girls, we couldn TMt verify them, Ortiz said in Spanish. We really don TMt know if one of them could have been her.

Ortiz said the family is clinging to hope that their daughter is still alive.

And if Fanny is living in the Valley, they hope someone can come forward with information.

We TMre many eyes, many eyes and if you see her, I beg you, implore you to help me, Ortiz said in Spanish via Skype.