Dirty campaign accusations in Texas State Rep. District 40 runoff race

Aside from both being attorneys, Terry Canales and Agustin "Gus" Hernandez, Junior want voters to know they couldn't be more different as candidates in the Democratic primary runoff election for Texas State Representative District 40. Each person has a different focus on what they hope to accomplish if elected into office. "Education and jobs," Canales said. "We need to make sure that we have a viable workforce so that this area in District 40 can become a manufacturing hub." "I would like to make an atmosphere so that people feel comfortable with voting," Hernandez said. It's a platform he highlights because of claims of illegal activity by his opponent at the polls on the start to early voting. "We're seeing a candidate and his wife inside the zone, the no politicking zone, jumping from car-to-car that they had hired in order to assist votes," Hernandez said. "Ryan, I'm running for a state office," Canales said in response. "I would never do something illegal in front of the polls. And, anybody who alleges that is obviously upset about my performance or upset about how organized we are." Each candidate points the finger at the other when it comes to dirty campaigning. Hernandez is accused of writing hot checks while working with his family's home construction company. He hasn't been convicted in the case and calls the allegations made by his opponent's camp unjust. "I wasn't the stake holder of the corporation, he explained. "I got paid minimum wage for 4 years while I was working there. And I was the signer on the account in the capacity of a secretary just to ensure the check would go on." Canales admits he pled guilty to D.W.I. and attended a drug and alcohol program as part of his probation back in college. He believes his opponent's camp is twisting the facts as part of a smear campaign. "It was youthful indiscretion," he said. "It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I've never gotten behind the wheel and drank again in my life." There is one thing both candidates agree on: The need for people to vote. Early voting runs through Friday, July 27th. Election Day is Tuesday, July 31st.Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook pageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter