Disabilities give one man the ability to sing his heart out

Zachary Cortez

Zachary Cortez sings country and Tejano music like it's nobody's business. The 22-year-old attends South Texas College and is studying music, something he says runs through his veins.

"I've been playing drums since I was three and singing since I was two."

He was also a star in the Donna High School choir.

"It was great plus I got inducted into the Choir Hall of Fame my senior year."

The talented and popular singer has accomplished a lot and has overcome many obstacles since the day he was born.

"I was one pound and 16 ounces." His tiny body sustained enormous complications including intestinal problems, and in addition to having been born with mild cerebral palsy, Zachary is blind.

"I've had many obstacles, many fears." But don't you dare feel sorry him, this man has the world at his fingertips and has developed his talent using only his hearing.

"I learn everything by ear and after I hear it a few times I get it."

Zachary performs the National Anthem at local football games and for the RGV Killer Bees hockey games, and he's even joined his Tejano idols on stage to sing a few of his favorite tunes.

He may not have sight, but he can see life beyond his disabilities and says his positive attitude should inspire others to beat the odds.

"Dream big. God has something else in store. "

With the voice of an angel and optimism beyond compare there is nothing Zachary can't do.