Disabled cheerleader arrested

Alexandra Hernandez a Class C misdemeanor of assault by contact

Tables have turned for a San Benito cheerleader who claimed to be a victim of bullying by her own squad.

Today, Alexandra Hernandez, was arrested and charged with a Class C misdemeanor of assault by contact.

Hernandez pled not guilty and was released.

A court date is still pending for the 17-year-old.

The arrest comes a day after the San Benito School District announced that an investigation into bullying allegations made by Hernandez was found to be "unsubstantiated. Noe Trevino, Hernandez TMs caretaker, said he feels the charges are in retaliation for her speaking out.

He believes the teen only acted out after being pushed to her breaking point.

Hernandez said she felt left out by the squad because of her disability.

The district denied this claim.

Hernandez lost her leg when she was 5-years-old and since has been wearing a prosthetic leg.

According to the San Benito School District ,the arrest warrant comes from a personal complaint filed by a parent, Colleen Duncan, regarding an issue unrelated to the school district.

Duncan told Action 4 News the incident happened at a pep rally about a month ago.

The cheerleader TMs mom said Hernandez was upset over a shirt displaying a picture of the cheerleaders that Hernandez was not in.

Duncan said the teen yelled at her then proceeded to yank her by the shirt.

Duncan said none of this was done in retaliation.

She only wants to hold Hernandez accountable for her actions.

We just learned of the most recent development. We sympathize with all parties involved in this matter, Alfonso Obregn, interim superintendent said. The district will closely monitor the progress of this case."

Under Texas State Law, if Hernandez is found guilty of a Class C Misdemeanor, she would have to pay a fine no greater than $500.