Disabled passengers getting through airport lines quicker

Travelers with disabilities will now have the extra help they need to get through the McAllen International Airport.

U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials have launched a new passenger support specialist program.

Oscar Garcia is a Passenger Support Specialist (PSS) at McAllen International Airport.

His love for his job and helping others is what makes him happy.

His past has left a reminder of what people with disabilities need.

"My father was once disabled, I saw how hard it is for people to be out in public and the process of a check point is extremely difficult its self," Garcia said.

A passenger support specialist provides assistance to people with disabilities and wounded veterans.

They help resolve traveler related screening concerns letting them know what medications or injury related items can be boarded.

Making it easier for all passengers through checkpoints, making sure they end up at the right place.

"The process of a checkpoint is extremely difficult itself with all the rules and regulations, with being a passenger support specialist I believe it TMs extremely helpful to them," Garcia said.

Assistant Federal Security Director William Bartanowicz said the program has been up and running for about 30 days.

Bartanowicz said he's received nothing but positive feedback.

Especially since they launched the wounded soldier program

"Everyone seems to be in support I mean anything to help our wounded warriors I think is awesome I mean it TMs the least we can do for them to honor our country." Bartanowicz said.

Bartanowicz said although not many wounded warriors pass through, they are always ready to receive and assist them in the best possible way.

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