Disabled Valley teen works to help other children

Angel Quintanilla is like any other 13-year old kid who loves to sing and dance, except he was born with cerebral palsy

"When I was born I was very little," Angel Quintanilla told Action 4 News. "I weighed one pound and the doctors told my parents I wasn't going to live. But I guess God had other plans for because here I am thirteen years later."

Although Angel is a child that faces daily challenges, it hasn TMt deterred him from helping out other children in need

When I was young I spent a lot of time in the hospital and many people would come bring me gifts," Angel said. "Now I want to do the same for other children. And that is how at 8 years old, Angel started his own jewelry business, turning one of his passions into a success.

With the money collected from the sales of the bracelets, Angel buys toys and books and hands them out to children in hospitals.

Word of his good deeds even reached his favorite singer Shakira, who has been spotted wearing his bracelet

Another one of Angel TMs passions is singing and through his passion, Angel has been able to take part numerous events, win competitions, and reach goals his parents never dreamt of.

Martha Quintanilla, Angel TMs mother, tells Action 4 News that she is very proud of Angel and all he has accomplished.

She is grateful for the time God has let them share

Although Angel is a child with special needs he has taught us so many things," said Angel's father Cesar E. Quintanilla. "He is the one that gives us strength.

Despite the difficulties that Angel faces his "can-do" attitude has created in him a love and passion for life.