Discrepancy in police explanation of student shooting

His fight is for answers. McAllen attorney Dale Kasofsky represents the family of Jaime Gonzalez. Kasofsky said too many questions remain from January 4th. That's the day Gonzalez took a pellet gun to Cummings Middle School in Brownsville. Brownsville Police shot and killed him. "Initially they were talking about they shot, they being the police, shot Jaime Gonzalez because he pointed a gun at them," said Kasofsky. According to Kasofsky, the reason why police shot the 15-year-old changed in a custodial death report from Brownsville Police. "They now have come up and said it's actually because they were afraid that some other minor was present, and there might be a hostage situation," said Kasofsky. Although the custodial death report does mention Gonzalez pointed the gun at police, Kasofsky said it was not the reason police gave in the report for shooting the teen. Kasofsky said this discrepancy is suspicious, highlighting the need for more information. "Police department, school district have really kept all of the raw data and information close to their chests," said Kasofsky. What should be released, according to Kasofsky, is school surveillance video. "My understanding is there was security video there, and we haven't seen that yet," said Kasofsky. "One, I would like to see it, I think a lot of people would like to see that, and two, if there was something on that tape that supporeted what the police said occured, I personally think that that would have come out sooner rather than later." The Texas Attorney General ruled police do not have to release that video. It's a frustration to Kasofsky who said Jaime Gonzalez's family deserves more. All questions about the case are being referred to Brownsville City Attorney Mark Sossi. He refused to comment on Kasofsky's claims of a discrepancy in police explanation. He also did not offer comment on the withholding of surveillance video. He only called the event undeniably tragic. He maintained police acted appropriately.

Autopsy reports he had no drugs or alcohol in his system.