Disease could soon take life of San Benito teen

Inside a San Benito bedroom, Janet Mata eats through a feeding tube.It's a task the 19-year-old can't do without her mom.A disease took from Janet her ability to walk and write.You could even say it stole her life. At four-years-old, doctors diagnosed Janet with Dermatomyositis.The muscle disease inflated her liver and lashed out at her skin.I feel like I TMm burning, said Janet.Flipping through photos, it's clear Janet's battle with the disease is no short story.Instead, it's filled with long hospital stays and few friends."A lot of kids didn't want to sit next to me, said Janet.Janet said her condition kept kids at school away, because they were scared Janet was contagious."I've gotten asked that question so many times already, said Janet. I am used to it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't sting a little. It's that sting that's encouraging Janet to share her story.It TMs a story she hopes can help other children fighting illness and ignorance from others."I did my goal list, a new one that maybe I could become an author, said Janet.Physically unable to write, Janet needs help to accomplish her goal.She must do it soon.Doctors give Janet just two more years to live.If you think you could help Janet with her goal of writing a book, please contact Action 4 News on our listens line: