Disgraced Promoter May Have Refund Held

The seats at Harlingen's Municipal Auditorium were empty on a night that was supposed to bring in big revenue."It's so disappointing," Joel Humphries said. "So disappointing."That's because the director of Harlingen's Art & Entertainment knew what a financial windfall Katt Williams' comedy show would have brought to the budding venue scheduled to take place Friday evening.The event was cancelled following an Action 4 News investigation that revealed accusations of fraud by the event's promoter, Marjai Entertainment out of McAllen."The concessions would have been a huge shot in the arm," Humphries said. "We had stage hands that were ready to work... we had front of house that was all geared up to work... and if you want to bring it home... these folks were all counting on a paycheck." The promoter agreed to issue ticketholders refunds since the event was cancelled.

But red flags and long delays are causing concern in the eyes of the public.Humphries has asked the city's attorney if they can legally hold the promoter's $20,000 dollar refund while people wait to get their money back.His contract with Marjai Entertainment was tied to the venue and date, not the act, according to Humphries.It TMs something the city wants to change with future contracts with promoters."We don't want to cause any delays if refunds are going out... but if this person is up to something no good... then I just don't want to hand him a check and let him walk away scot free," he explained.

The city's attorney has yet to make a decision.Humphries is hoping for a happy ending following a controversy that's inadvertently cast a negative spotlight on his theater.