Dishman Elementary School teacher accused of 'assaulting' student

Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District officials are investigating allegations against a Dishman Elementary School teacher.

Sources told Action 4 News that the teacher grabbed a 9-year-old student by the jaw with such force that she left scratches on his face.

Superintendent Dr. Steven Flores who confirmed on Tuesday that there was an incident at the school involving a student and teacher.

Dr. Flores said at this time the both the teacher and student are still at Dishman Elementary School but he did not comment on what sparked the incident.

Sources told Action 4 News that the student was moved to a different classroom.

However, Dr. Flores did not elaborate on the action taken for the student or against the teacher. He simply said the district took the appropriate disciplinary action in the matter.

The incident is a personnel matter and we have reviewed it thoroughly and at this point the teacher is on campus, Dr. Flores said. We always say we will always take the appropriate action necessary to ensure that our students are as safe as possible and our staff is as safe as possible."

The Dishman Elementary School principal could not comment but told Action 4 News off camera that she had worked with the parent to resolve the issue.

Sources told Action 4 News that a police report was also filed with the Combes Police Department.

Action 4 News requested a copy of the report, however, Combes Chief Patrick Quill said he was busy at the moment and could not give us a copy of that report.