District Attorney Rene Guerra Responds to '48 Hours' Irene Garza Segment

Hidalgo County D.A. Rene Guerra said Monday; he was unfairly depicted in the CBS 48 Hours segment surrounding the Irene Garza case. In fact, he said he did not have fair shot from the very beginning.

"It's disappointing," Guerra describes Saturday's investigative story about the slain beauty queen's case, and added that it was misleading and narrow-minded.

"A national network fixes on the outcome. They send reporters and investigators, producers to fit the outcome to fit their show. I think a lot of times they are going to do a miscarriage of justice to the people that are the subject of their documentary or investigation,"said Guerra.

Despite the national news program's claims, Guerra explained there isn't enough evidence to try the case. He even said his mother was friends of the Garza family and as a young boy, Guerra wanted to see Garza's killer brought to justice just as much as anyone else.

"I felt that whoever had taken her life-the beauty queen from McAllen...I felt deserved the death penalty even without a trial,"recalled Guerra.

Guerra said he's older and wiser, understanding that there's a legal procedure that must be followed. The D.A. believes he and his colleagues were fair in handling the Garza case.

Guerra said some evidence was not admissible in court and that witnesses were not credible enough to have brought before a computer-generated and randomly selected grand jury back in 2004. He added that putting Priest John Feit before the jury would have been frivolous as Feit would have likely pleaded the fifth.

"Hidalgo County would have had to pay the bill to fly him down here-a couple thousand dollars worth. Then, if he didn't bring a lawyer or hired lawyer, we would have to appoint a lawyer to him that would have been and additional expense to the county," said the D.A.

Guerra felt the timing of the 48 Hour broadcast was for political reasons, but denies the timing of his response as such. Guerra said he wants to clear the air and protect the integrity of the D.A's office.