DMN: Zetas supreme leader "Z-40" captured in Nuevo Laredo

Miguel Angel Treviño-Morales // FBI Most Wanted Photo

A day of on-line rumors ended with a Dallas-based newspaper confirming that the supreme leader of the Zetas drug cartel has been captured south of the border in Nuevo Laredo.

Residents of the embattled border town used the social media network Twitter to report the arrest on Monday morning.

One Twitter user identified as @obsermx posted a picture of the captured drug cartel leader around noon. The photo became widedly circulated on blogs and social media.

Action 4 News spoke to Mexico's Attorney General's Office, Army and Navy.

All three federal agencies told Action 4 News that they did not have any information about such an incident but the Dallas Morning News reports it confirmed Morales-Trevio's arrest.

The Dallas- based newspaper reports it confirmed the feared Zeta leader's arrest through from American and Mexican officials.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Mexican marines captured Trevio-Morales early Monday morning in Nuevo Laredo