DNA and fingerprints link brothers in string of burglaries

Business owners who rent from this office complex on Alton Gloor in Brownsville say it's uncommon for a burglary to happen in this area.

However they feel the suspects who broke into the Nails Galleria and Spa on the night of April 25th took advantage of the fact that the building was poorly lit during the night.

"It gets really dark here at night because of the lighting of the building," said neighboring tenant Ana Recio of Fred Loya Insurance.

Although the suspects could have seen this as an opportunity not to be seen, the truth was brought to light from the trail of blood they left behind.

According to Brownsville police, the suspects cut themselves when they shattered the glass of the nail salon's window and front door, leaving behind blood spatter and liftable fingerprints.

"There were several drops of blood throughout the business so they summoned a crime scene investigator," stated Investigator Luis Perez.

CSI investigators took samples of the blood on the scene, sent the samples to the lab, and linked the DNA directly to two brothers, 18-year-old Elieler Cruz and 19 year old Eusebio Cruz.

Both men, with prior criminal history, were taken into custody on Thursday.

Investigators say the brothers stole several cell phones from a T-mobile to go booth inside the salon, as well as a nook reading tablet and $700 in cash from the register.

Their fingerprints and DNA samples are now being linked by police to not only to this case, but to other burglary cases in Brownsville as well. Investigator Perez says without forensic science, it would be incredibly difficult to identify suspects.

"It's a good tool that we have to locate some of these suspects. Fingerprints, anything that they leave behind that we can use, it helps a lot. In this case, it worked out perfectly," he said.