Doctors predict longer allergy season

The Valley's climate is near perfect for those itchy watery eyes.It's not just one thing that's making this season especially bad, it's several."Warm to hot climates plus an adequate amount of rain but not a whole bunch of rain to keep the air clean, can end up being a real problem for allergy goers" said Dr. Mckenna.It's a problem that dr. Mckenna said is becoming more frequent.Experts blame changes in climateIncreasing co2 levels increasing temperature changes is causing plants to produce more pollen and the pollen itself is more powerful and we think it will be lasting another 2-3 weeks longer this fall" said Dr. Cliff bassett.A national map that shows a list of the worst cities in the country for allergies was released this week.Mcallen ranks near the top at number three.But despite the above normal temperatures this summer, Dr. Mckenna said he hasn't notice too much of an increase in patients."It may be more of a problem for some areas a little north of us because they aren't used to long warm or hot season as we are" said Dr. Mckenna.With the start of fall two days away, experts are expecting to see conditions worsen.Doctors said the best way to avoid allergies is to limit outdoor activities during the peak of allergy season.If you happen to be outside, it's best to wear a face mask or sunglasses.Doctors also said it TMs important to have your allergy medicine on hand -- and if all else fails, see a doctor.