Does Progreso ISD have a prayer?

San Juanita Reyna has never had a good encounter with the administration at Progreso ISD.

"They used to have police ready to handcuff me if I showed up to the administration building. I've never been able to do this."

That's why she came to this small meeting of concerned parents and grandparents with Progreso Superintendent Dr. Fernando Castillo not expecting to be heard, but it turns out, the tide is turning in this small district.

Dr. Castillo has voiced concern over possible retaliation from his own school board since recent arrests of the board president and several high profile family members has the FBI and TEA breathing hard down the necks of the powers that be.

But he says he's ready to take a stand for the students.

"There will be restructuring and we must move forward," said Castillo.

One of the issues addressed in this face to face meeting with the administrator is the lack of security at schools which was revealed by Action 4 News.

That has since been remedied with security posted at all campuses, gates locked, and outside resources being utilized.

All steps in the right direction for the little district that could.

"People need to know that we have good families here. We need to start fresh," said Reyna.

A school board meeting will be held Monday to appoint a new school board president.

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