Dog found nearly starved to death

Local animal lovers worked together to rescue a dog starving to death in Mercedes.

Word spread quickly on Facebook about the dog wandering inside the Indian Hills subdivision.

Action 4 News spoke to the couple trying to save him.

Cal Fann and his wife Terry Hathaway have opened up their hearts and home to the pup they've affectionately named Chief.

The couple has rescued an estimated thirty dogs in the valley and said this is one of the worst cases they have seen.

"He's all bones. He's bones and skin; when you pick him up he feels like you TMre going to break his ribs-he just feels too fragile, said Terry Hathaway, who is one of the many people who TMve helped rescue Chief.

He was found Friday roaming inside a Mercedes subdivision and had obviously been there for some time.

"How can a whole neighborhood watch this dog day after day deteriorate, but no one is stepping up to try to do something for him. It TMs not just a single person it TMs everyone together that has failed these animals miserably," said Cal Fann.

"I'd like to know where they lost their humanity it TMs so TMs just beyond words-sad," said Hathaway.

Cal Fann and Terry Hathaway told Action 4 News it TMs a problem that is just all too common in the Rio Grande Valley.

While others may turn a blind eye to the issue, it TMs something this couple said they can't ignore.

"You just have to help him. I mean it tears you up inside this poor thing| we actually though it was a larger dog than it turned out to be," recalls Fann.

While Chief suffers from malnutrition and a severe skin infection, his caregivers said he is doing well-eating and drinking plenty of food and water.

"He's very weak and shaky but he's just a sweetheart," described Fann.

Fann and Hathaway said that's what's most surprising. Even on the brink of death, Chief is in good spirits and his tail, wagging.

"He doesn't seem to realize how bad off he is. He will lick your hand, he will get up and be alert. It TMs just amazing these animals-they don't blame anybody," said Fann.

Fann and Hathaway will taking Chief to the vet Tuesday for an examination.

They said if he does pull through it will take at least 3 months for him to recover.

They add that Chief is in need of a loving home, if you would like to adopt or foster this pup, you can contact them at