Dog shot during botched raid in Harlingen

Blood splatters can still be seen in Michael Subia's driveway.

He blames the Harlingen Police Department for shooting his dog, during a botched raid at his home.

"The dog just came barking, she slowed down and the officer backed up said Michael Subia. She barked some more and they shot my dog".

Michael said officers jumped the gun, literately.

The bullet shot through the nose and came out through her jaw.

Michael is now upset on how the situation was handled and is demanding answers.

"They made no attempt to call a vet or anything to transport my dog after they shot her said Michael.

Reporter: You guys had to do it?

Michael: Yea I took her personally".

It all started just before 2pm on Friday.

Police tell Action 4 News they were looking for a wanted man at his home on the corner of Morgan and Chaparral.

The only problem, Michael said they didn TMt' show him a warrant.

"I asked them repeatedly where TMs the warrant, nobody had it said Michael. They said they had a copy of it but I know when they serve a warrant they have to show you a copy".

He said police were looking for his brother who does not live at the home, but had visited there earlier.

Michaels dog was taken to a near by animal clinic and had to have surgery.

No word on his condition.

Action 4 made several attempts to contact Harlingen police to get answers about the raid.

But we haven't heard back from them yet.